Our Brands


Who we are?

Avid Collective is a rapidly growing network of 7 digital media brands that engage audiences across our owned social pages and websites on a variety of passion points.

All the Avid Collective brands communicate through a unique short-form video format we call ‘video articles’, and we’re currently publishing over 1,500 videos a month reaching over 6 million engaged Australian consumers.

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The Monthly Numbers

1,500 Published Videos

6 Million Australians Reached

100's of Brands Showcased

What we do?

We create and publish audience-led branded content that is focused on shifting audiences behaviour for our brand partners.

We focus on ensuring that every piece of content we create and publish provides value for both advertisers and consumers at the same time, as we believe this is what actually shifts audience behaviour.

We believe that advertising is ultimately about more than reach & impressions and believe it is all about actually driving and measuring consumer action as a result of one's communication.