About Us

Working with Avid Collective

Avid Collective is an Australian tech-enabled media business that is changing how brands reach and engage audiences through personalised content at scale.

Through the development of its digital marketing platform Ava, Avid has unlocked the capability to grow and scale brands at rapid rates which it utilises to drive the growth of its owned media network, Avid Media. Avid also leverages Ava for the work it does with global, national and local advertisers.

Personalised Content

Personalisation is crucial to effectively capture the attention of audiences at scale, with consumers prioritising experiences that are relevant to them in every facet of their lives.

Content is the best way to engage audiences as it creates an emotional connection, and drives greater levels of retention between a brand and person. As an advertiser, balancing the audience experience with the marketing objectives of your brand is vital to ensure you can effectively cut through.

Personalised content enables you to achieve both simultaneously and ultimately ensure your marketing communications stand out to consumers in a world full of distraction and noise.

Why build AVA?

The Avid Marketing Platform was built in response to our own feelings of frustrations as we scaled our own brands. There is a lack of tech-enabled solutions that help brands drive ROI from their content marketing strategies, despite it being one of the most popular methods of audience engagement - so we thought, why don’t we create our own?

We’ve focused on creating a solution that manages the end-to-end lifecycle of content marketing to make intensive activities, from creating content and distribution through to measurement and optimisation, simple, accessible, and easy.


What is AVA?