Meet AVA,
Our Custom-Built
Marketing Platform.

What is AVA?

AVA is Avid’s proprietary marketing platform that has been created to supercharge Avid’s ability to engage digital audiences at scale across its media network and with its advertising partners.

An automation and analytics platform that assists brands, such as Avid’s media network, optimise ROI from advertising spend on digital content, and includes an advertiser portal for Avid’s brand clients, to make running content campaigns with Avid simple and easy.

Market leading software to supercharge your digital marketing...

Why did we build AVA?

The Avid Marketing Platform was built in response to our own feelings of frustrations as we scaled our own brands. There are a lack of tech-enabled solutions that help brands drive ROI from their content marketing strategies, despite it being one of the most popular methods of audience engagement - so we thought, why don’t we create our own?

In doing that, we’ve focused on creating a solution that manages the end to end lifecycle of content marketing to make intensive activities from creating content to distribution through to measurement and optimisation simple, accessible and easy.

What does AVA unlock for marketers

  • Simple and Efficient Content Feedback & Approvals Process
  • Automated Content Publishing & Scheduling
  • Content Production at Scale
  • Sophisticated Audience Segmentation + Targeting
  • Comprehensive Content Performance Reporting & Analysis
  • Automated & Powerful Strategy Improvement Recommendations

Driving Greater Value from Every Content Campaign & Execution

Enhancing every step of the execution process.

How can brands work with
Avid Collective to leverage AVA?