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Avid is Evolving Native Content

Native content was traditionally a resource intensive channel with a difficult buying process. Because of the fragmented market with many partner options it lacks scale and becomes difficult to measure impact.

The Avid Native Solution

Australia’s most influential native content network combines the power of native content with the smarts & scale of a digital solution.

Working with us

  • A focus on driving tangible and measurable impact
  • Tried and tested solutions for every marketing objective
  • Strategy experts to design bespoke campaigns leveraging Avid Native ecosystem
  • Industry-specific insights that fuel every campaign
  • Over 10,000 audience segments to engage the most relevant audiences

We’ve created a solution to manage the end to end lifecycle of content marketing. Making the intensive activities from briefing through to measurement simple, accessible and easy.

AVA is our proprietary marketing platform that supercharges Avid’s ability to engage digital audiences at scale across its media network and with our advertising partners. AVA solves the lack of tech-enabled solutions that help brands drive ROI from their content marketing strategies.

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