Avid Partnerships

Our digital partnerships managed service enables advertisers to maximise ROAS from their partnerships with digital publishers and influencers.


Our Focus

Maximising impact from every content piece through high quality management of digital partners on behalf of the advertiser, from content production to performance management.

Why Us?

Avid's experience driving greater cut-through with our own content on a performance basis, alongside running a digital publishing network, renders us experts in relationship, content, and campaign management.


The Avid Partnerships Offering


Identify relevant partners that suit the campaign objectives

Set Up Campaign

Organise every element of the campaign to best suit the outcome for the advertiser

Manage Content Feedback

Manage content briefings & approvals to best drive impact for the campaign, involving clients at key moments

Optimise Performance

Analyse content performance to optimise towards maximising the impact of the campaign

Report on Results + KPIs

Report on the results across the campaign broken down by partner, content piece and platform

Why Leverage Digital Partnerships?

Reach highly engaged audiences at scale

Commonly, digital partners engage audiences that are hard to capture as a brande because they typically avoid advertising

Showcase the value of your brand or products more effectively

Digital Partnerships can do a much better job of bringing value to life for their engaged audience

Establish greater trust

Audiences engage far higher with trusted voices they know and love whether that be publishers or influencers

Drive greater levels of engagement

Audiences are far more likely to engage and share content from publishers or influencers with their friends and family

How Avid Partnerships Solves Common Digital Partnerships Pain Points

Common Pain PointHow Avid Partnerships Solves These Problems
Time consuming and resource draining Avid Marketing Platform makes scale simple
Partnerships with publishers and influencers are not typically optimised for performance Focus on driving performance
Poor briefing leads to content that doesn’t serve brand objectives Experience running sponsored content campaigns
Lack of integration with other owned media means incrementality is not assured Prioritising incremental audience reach
Significant levels of media output is not often achieved i.e. reach, impressions or traffic, driving minimal impact Guarantee media outputs and deliverables
Campaign reporting commonly lacks analysis of incremental coverage that partners bring to campaigns Optimisations throughout the campaign